So, let me get this straight... I can learn all of these skills in ONE course? At my own pace? And start NOW? And I can use them in future?!

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So, let me get this straight... I can learn all of these skills in ONE course? At my own pace? And start NOW? And I can use them in future?!

          Yes, you got that right! 

  • Video modules in an online platform? They're waiting for you to watch them right now.
  • PDFs to accompany the videos so I don't need to take notes? Ready!
  • A place to ask questions? Waiting in your portal.
  • Plenty of value? How does over 9 hours of video content, corresponding pdfs, community page, and lifetime access sound?
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Course curriculum

    1. The Sienna introduction, design and whats required PDF

    2. Introduction and design skills

    1. Reflex Rose PDF

    2. Equipment Required

    3. Attaching the bud to the wire

    4. Creating & adding the inner petals

    5. Creating & adding the first layer of reflex petals

    6. Creating and adding the second layer of reflex petals

    7. The final ( optional ) layer of petals

    8. Adding the calyx, taping the stem and extra tips

    1. Toffee Rose PDF

    2. Equipment required

    3. Colouring the paste and creating the bud

    4. Creating the inner petals

    5. Creating the first layer of outer petals

    6. Creating the last layer of outer petals

    7. Adding the Calyx

    8. Dusting the Toffee rose

    9. Creating the stem

    1. Blackberries, bramble flowers and foliage PDF

    2. Blackberries - equipment required

    3. Creating the blackberries

    4. Glazing, adding the calyx and taping the blackberries

    5. Bramble flower - equipment required

    6. Bramble flower - creating the center

    7. Bramble flower - creating the petals

    8. Assembling the bramble flower

    9. Bramble leaves - equipment required

    10. Creating the bramble leaves

    11. Dusting and steaming the bramble leaves

    12. Creating a bramble stem

    1. Twigs and Foliage PDF

    2. Equipment Required

    3. Creating the leaves

    4. Dusting the leaves

    5. Creating the twigs

    6. Putting the stems together

    1. Ginko stems PDF

    2. Ginko leaves - equipment required

    3. Making the leaves

    4. Painting the leaves

    5. Putting the stems together

About this course

  • £197.00
  • 59 lessons
  • 9 hours of video content

Everyone loves a bonus!

Bonus value £19.99

 You will receive my Flowerpaste video tutorial and PDF for free which will be priced at £19.99   This flower paste will elevate your flower skills!

Happy students

“I loved this course. Complex yes, but the end results left me in awe. What an amazing course by an amazing instructor Haley. I definitely recommend this course if you are a beginner or intermediate sugar artist. Hayley’s patience and instructions to every step of the way gave me the opportunity to learn, create and execute this beautiful design. Thank you very much for your support and encouragement, amazing inspiration and guidance during this entire process! If you haven’t already signed up do it before it’s gone ”

Cyndi Yenick

A note from Hayley

Creating wedding cakes has been a huge passion of mine for the last 13 years!  Over the years I have refined my skillset and will continue to refine them.

  My motto in life is never to stop learning and it has kept me current and ahead and brings in constant bookings and new clients who love my passion and dedication.

I also love teaching and watching others grow - a newfound passion which started 3 years ago.

 If you are that cake maker/designer who wants to become successful and is willing to invest in yourself and have perseverance and dedication as much as myself then I can help you flourish and grow. 

I will be by your side cheering you on like your best friend.

This course transpired from so many requests and it will transform your cake skills because everything you learn can be transferred to other things to

make your artistic confidence grow.

I can’t wait for you to join me on this course and see what you do, see you in the course.

Hayley xx


Take your cake designs to a whole new level by mastering skills including sugar flowers, stencilling, ruffles, lustre, arrangement AND MORE, in a bite-sized, jam-packed and ready-to-watch (NOW) course from Hayley Elizabeth Cake Academy